All employees should receive an invitation to activate their account for the employee referral portal, powered by RolePoint. Click here if you haven’t received your welcome email invitation or just need to request a new activation email. (Important: If you have Single Sign On, you cannot request a password reset through RolePoint. Please contact your company’s IT department.)

Instructions for setting your password and activating your new account will be sent via email. Have you received an error when trying to request a new password using the above steps? Try this below:

  1. Visit your company’s Referral Portal (which is likely:
  2. Click the Sign-Up button on the homepage:
  3. Complete all fields and click continue. The system will activate your account and log you in. Then you’re all set! NOTE: You are likely required to use your work/company email address in order to successfully receive email notifications in the future. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folders and add to your safe-list to ensure timely delivery of your registration and/or password reset emails.
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