Where can I view the referrals I’ve made using the RolePoint platform?

  1. Login to your referral account.
  2. Click your name at the top-right of the page and select “My Referrals/History”.

    Here you can review what referrals you’ve made and the status of each, where applicable. If you have questions regarding the status of your referrals, you’ll need to follow up directly with your internal recruiting team. If you do not see a referral listed here, it means that you may not have made the referral through RolePoint or, if it was a personal referral link share, then your candidate has not started the application process using your referral link.

Having trouble making a referral?

If you are having trouble making a referral, check out these useful tips:

  • Suggested browsers: We suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer and are experiencing issues, check with your IT team to ensure you are using the latest version available.
  • File size: You can upload a resume that is under 5MB in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .txt format. If you’re having trouble uploading the resume, check to ensure that it is in one of the mentioned formats and that it is under 5MB in file size.
  • Resume requirement: If your company requires a resume to be uploaded when making a referral (using the Quick Referral Form) then you’ll want to make sure you have a copy of your contact’s resume on hand when you are submitting their referral. But lets say you don’t have their resume – what can you do? You have two options. You can either ask your contact to send you a copy of their resume, or you can share the roles with them using your personal referral link. (See below)

Personal referral link: Each employee has his or her own personal referral link. You can copy and paste this link into a text message, Skype message, iMessage, Google Chat, etc. The options are endless! If your contact comes back and applies through that link, you will be credited with the referral. *Make sure that your contact follows your personal referral link when applying to ensure that you receive referral credit.*

Where is my Referral Bonus?

First, you must ensure that your referral is logged in your “My Referrals” tab within your account. Then, check your company’s referral policy for bonus payout information (see below). If all checks out on your end and your referral has been hired to a bonus eligible position, but you haven’t yet received your referral bonus, we suggest that you reach out to your internal Talent Acquisition or HR team.

Helpful Tip: Wondering where your company’s referral policy is located? Most companies share this policy with employees via the company intranet (internal portal.) Your company referral policy may also be found on RolePoint on the right-hand side of the portal.  If you’re having trouble finding this, we suggest following up with your Talent Acquisition or HR team for further assistance.

Help! I’ve submitted a referral with incorrect information

If you have accidentally submitted a referral in RolePoint with inaccurate information, please follow these steps:

Unfortunately referral records cannot be edited in RolePoint at this time, but not to worry, you can simply submit another referral for your candidate:

Here is a link for how to refer a candidate if needed: How do I use our Referral Portal

  1. Next, instruct your candidate to apply to the most recent referral for that job(s):

    2. Lastly, if you wish, you can follow up with your location’s Talent Acquisition or HR team to inform them that you have submitted an updated referral.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to submit a request with our Support Team.